A new career is waiting for you in massage therapy! With increasing world-wide demand and interest, massage therapy has become more popular than ever. At Hōkūlani Massage Academy, you will acquire incredible hands on skills and a vast amount of anatomical knowledge. Anatomy, physiology, and structural kinesiology are emphasized. The focus will be the muscular, skeletal, circulatory, nervous, respiratory and digestive systems. The student will learn how to identify close to 40 muscles and will acquire the skills to apply massage techniques to these muscles. At the end of the level 1 course, the student will have the knowledge and confidence to perform a quality massage treatment whether for relaxation or therapeutic reasons. Students are taught how to identify, locate, and intricately grasp and manipulate muscles that are the problem Being instructed on how to do “detective work” and identify the injured, fatigued, or dysfunctional muscle is the key to proper “assessment” in order to create a treatment plan.

Instructor and Principal Therapist

Bonnie Lynn Hōkūlani Henshaw, L.M.T. is a native of the Big Island and has been State of Hawaii licensed since 1996. Bonnie was a principal and instructor at the KM massage training Center on Ali’i Drive from 2008 - 2011. She served as Principal Massage Therapist on the Hamakua Coast, and was a massage therapist at the Kohala Spa at the Hilton Waikoloa Village for over 11 years. Founder of Hōkūlani Massage Academy in 2011, Bonnie is passionate about helping people feel better through therapeutic massage as well as helping people become successful in a rewarding career.

Education and Training Hours: Currently, the minimum massage education and training hours the State of Hawaii requires is 570 hours. All applicants must show proof of having completed the education and training hours before being approved to sit for the State exam. (www.cca.hawaii.gov/pvl/massage)

The education and training hours at Hōkūlani Massage Academy are approved and are requirements set forth by the State of Hawaii Board of Massage Therapy and Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Training consists of:

LEVEL 1 (150 hours)

  • 50 hours in-class coursework of human anatomy, physiology, and structural kinesiology.
  • 100 hours of in-class coursework on the theory and demonstration of massage which includes: Proper massage procedure, record keeping hygiene, theory, technique for specific conditions, contraindications of massage, draping, and assessment of the client’s condition.

LEVEL 2 (Apprenticeship)

  • 420 hours of practical massage training as a massage apprentice for at least 6 months and not over 12 months.
  • Coursework consists of:
    - 310 hours hands on supervised massage with record keeping, 30 hours of sanitation
    - 30 hours of office procedures
    - 10 hours record keeping
    - 40 hours advanced training.

** A current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CRP) certificate of completion for both infant and adult issued by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association is required with application for the State Exam.


Paid in full: $1995 + $88.55 tax= $2083.55 due two weeks prior to first day of class.



$1,200 plus tax for a 6 consecutive month apprenticeship. If the student is unable to complete the requirements within 6 months, additional months of apprenticeship are available for $225 per month, plus tax.

Upon completion of Level 2, students may submit a licensing application to the state. After passing the state board exam, students will be issued a State of Hawaii Massage Therapist License!

Please make checks payable to: Hokulani Massage. Major credit cards accepted - add 2.76% additional fees card swipe or 3.76% manually inputted.



  • Books:
    - Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage (Mark Beck) latest edition
    - Trail Guide to the Body (Andrew Biel) 5th edition
    - Workbook for Trail Guide to the Body (Andrew Biel) 5th edition
    Stretching (Bob Anderson)
  • Sheets:
    - One set during Level 1
    - Minimum 4 sets during Level 2
  • Other:
    - $50 due upon completion of Level 1 for Apprentice application to DCCA
    - Optional Workshops TBA
Students must provide their own books and sheets. Please order your books through Amazon.


The State of Hawaii requires completion of at least 150 hours in Level 1 before a student can enter Level 2 apprenticeship. Students who finish with less than 150 hours must make up those class hours, regardless of the reason for missing class time.

Absent: Total lack of attendance to a class.
Tardy: Will be given in increments of 15 minutes.



$500 is non-refundable on the first day of class. Remaining monies will be refunded according to the number of class hours remaining at $13.30 per hour and less the $500 non-refundable fee FROM THE DAY A WRITTEN CANCELLATION FROM THE STUDENT IS RECEIVED BY THE PRINCIPLE THERAPIST by letter or email or the day the student is dismissed, up until the total 150 hours.

All monies due to the student after cancellation or dismissal, shall be refunded within 20 days from the date the students cancellation notice in writing is received by the Principal, from the student, or the date the student was dismissed.


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